SCRAP SOLUTIONS Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How do I get paid for the materials I bring you?

Payment will be made either in cash or by check as the law requires.

What are metals worth?

Non-ferrous metals are worth more than Ferrous metals. Regardless, they are both worth something and can be recycled. Prices vary dramatically and change with market fluctuations. Contact us for today's pricing.

How can I be certain what type of metal I have?

If a magnet sticks to it, it is Ferrous. If it does not stick to it, it is non-ferrous. There are several types of non-ferrous materials (aluminum, brass, copper, etc...). You will find that our staff is pleased to analyze a sample for you and to provide specific guidelines for handling, sorting and separating material.

Do you have any limits on the amount of metals you will accept?

No, there are no limits. We accept any amount of materials. For large truck load quantities, it is a good idea to advise us ahead of time (before your arrival) in order to ensure yard availability and a speedy unload.

Will I get more for my metals if I separate them myself?

Yes! Any time material has to be sorted, graded or processed to remove contaminants, its value will be reduced.

What do I need to bring to sell scrap at Scrap Solutions?

When selling regulated material, all customers must be at least 16 years of age and are required to have a valid state ID or driver's license. Customers will be required to have their ID scanned and ALL customers must sign declaring they are authorized to sell any type of material (regulated or non-regulated). Regulated material (non-ferrous) must be bought out of vehicles bearing a valid license plate. No walk-ins accepted.

Do you offer residential pick-up?

We typically do not offer residential pick-ups. We can , however, recommend you to others who will provide this service in exchange for the scrap material or for a small fee.

Do you charge to provide a roll-off bin for scrap metal?

We typically do not charge a container/roll-off fee for scrap metal. The cost of the bin is factored into the price of the metal. However, in order to return value to you, there must be enough weight to justify handling the material in this manner. A 6 ton minimum is required for all pick ups outside of the city limits.

Do you offer roll-off bins for waste management (trash/debris)?

Yes! However, there is a container set fee for this service and a fee per ton for trash disposal. Call us today for pricing.

Is Scrap Solutions an Auto Wrecker?

No, but we do buy certain car parts as scrap: aluminum rims, brass or aluminum radiators, alternators, starters, transmissions, batteries, etc...

Does Scrap Solutions take scrap vehicles?

Yes, we purchase scrap vehicles, but they must be stripped of tires and all fluids must be drained. The gas tank must be removed or a large hole must be punched in the tank. A clear title is needed to scrap a vehicle.

Does Scrap Solutions take computer parts?

Yes, we do purchase eScrap. However, we cannot accept CRT monitors.

Do you accept only metal at your facility?

We purchase all types of metal and eScrap. We accept (but do not purchase) , cardboard at our facility.